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SONG: Lucius


With the release of their debut album, Wildewoman, the New York City-based band Lucius has also released this new music video. It’s quite strange at times…there’s a lot going on! But the music is what I really want you to check out – this band is one of my favorite recent musical discoveries. For me, the harmonies and unique blend of dreamlike electronic sounds really set them apart from a lot of other new acts. If you can check them out LIVE, definitely do it! They’ll be in Boston on December 5th at the Sinclair with You Won’t (another one of my favorites!).

**full list of tour dates HERE**



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LYRICS: You Won’t

“Who Knew”

You Won’t is Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, a Boston-based duo who’s twisted sense of humor can be thoroughly entertaining and hilarious. I’ve seen these two perform live and I’m impressed by the sound they produce, not to mention their thoughtfully worded lyrics. They really nail the words with this tune and the music video is super creative and kooky.

“If I was a cute little kid
I would show you the painting I did
for you
But I’m up in the air
I’m not here and not there

If I was a sad-eyed 18
I would cut all the holes in your jeans
for you
But now what can I say?
I’m too little too late.”

You Won’t


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