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SONG: Mavis Staples

“You Are Not Alone”

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to post a song today. What helps when something tragic happens? It’s difficult to say. I mentioned to my co-worker that I felt sort of silly playing music on-air this afternoon…it felt so unimportant. I also told her I thought posting a blog would feel just as insignificant. She pointed out that even if I reached just one person who needed to read my words or hear the song, then it would be worth it. So here we are.

Although I don’t normally share much personal information on this blog, it feels appropriate for me to mention that I’ve been keeping a mantra lately – everything is relative. This helps me remember that everyone I come in contact with has feelings, difficulties, problems, struggles…just the way I do. And while my problems are very real to me, every other person is living in their own reality. When I can remember this, the recognition of myself in another person almost always leads to positive, eye-opening, heart-opening experiences.

However you’ve been affected by what happened today in Boston, or even if your day was a struggle for any number of other reasons, try to remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Mavis Staples


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Song Of The Day

Mavis Staples – “You Are Not Alone”

When Mavis Staples sings, she has a way of trancending melody and lyrics… and it’s more evident than ever in this sad but hopeful title track from her upcoming release, produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. You Are Not Alone comes out on September 14th.

Mavis Staples

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