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VIDEO: Ben Taylor

“Worlds Are Made Of Paper”

Ben Taylor’s new video also premiered yesterday (two Vineyard musicians put out music videos on the same day – pretty sweet), and this one is an eyebrow-raiser. I posted it on my Facebook with the disclaimer that it was “racy”. Maybe that wasn’t strong enough of a word – you decide!

Ben is no stranger to raciness…I’ve always loved this tune & video, “Wicked Way”

Ben Taylor

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Song Of The Day

Ben Taylor – “Wicked Way”

When I first heard this song, I thought it was so mean! But seeing this video and hearing Ben talk a bit about his intentions while writing it made me realize it’s more of a joke than anything. There’s something genius about using gorgeous girls to sing the song. It definitely makes it seem playful and sexual and harmless…the way I think Ben intended it. Now that I have that impression of the tune, I find it quite humourous and extremely catchy!

Ben Taylor

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