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Best Of 2013: Laura Marling


Once I Was An Eagle

Laura Marling makes very raw music that is sometimes uncomfortably sad or honest, making for stunning songs that are easy for me to make a connection with. Her latest release is sure to be high on my year-end list…

Laura Marling

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SONG: Laura Marling

“Where Can I Go?”

Although 2011’s A Creature I Don’t Know was her 3rd album, it was how I was introduced to English folk singer Laura Marling. Now I’m completely floored by this new single from her forthcoming release, Once I Was An Eagle.

I’m VERY excited to hear more…I’ve always loved Marling’s Joni Mitchell-esque style and here it’s beautifully subdued at first and almost reminds me of Tracy Chapman. Then of course the track’s energy builds (as she does so brilliantly), and I’m left wanting to hit PLAY again and again.

Laura Marling

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