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Best Of 2013: Deer Tick



I’ve seen Deer Tick perform several times over the years and I never quite felt the excitement I hope to feel. Their music can be LOUD. It can be hard-edged, so to speak. This new album, despite it’s title, has a lot of lighter material that I absolutely love. I wonder if the change in sound is disappointing to their older fans…but it’s certainly gained some new ones…

Deer Tick

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SONG: Deer Tick

“The Dream’s In The Ditch”

Here’s a new single from Deer Tick’s forthcoming album Negativity (out on 9/24). I’m happily surprised to hear these guys polish their sound up a bit…it’s a bit softer and lighter and it’ll sound great on mvyradio. I’d imagine some hardcore fans could be disappointed for the same reason. Can’t wait to get the full release in my hands to fully hear how their sound has evolved.

Deer Tick

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