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SONG: The Brew

“Into The Remembering Sun”

This Massachusetts-based band has really honed in on a sound that’s extremely listener friendly while still being true to their jam/rock style. Let’s face it, it takes years of hard work and LOTS of live gigs to get anywhere as a band these days…and even then, you could have to throw in the towel and focus on what’s more practical to earn a living. Well, I hope these guys hang in and keep on pushing, because to me, they’ve broken through to a more accessible, mainstream sound without losing their true identity. And I’m not the only fan! These guys are getting attention all over for their latest THREE albums… and I think singles like “When Darkness Comes” and this one are sure to keep them in the spotlight:

The Brew


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VIDEO: The Brew

“When Darkness Comes”

I’ve written about this tune before, but a new music video is worth a second posting. I still love this track, it just won’t wear off on me…the piano, guitar, lyrics, the emotion…and I think The Brew nailed the vibe for their first music video too:

The Brew

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Song Of The Day

The Brew – “When Darkness Comes”

I cannot get enough of this tune. The Brew are a jam band (of sorts) from the Boston area and they’ve been out there working hard for years. I’ve seen them live a few times and have always been impressed, but I didn’t envision that their music would become “mainstream”. Then a few months ago I heard “When Darkness Comes”. It’s by no means pop, but it’s got everything a radio single should have. It sounds so damn good on mvy. Turns out these guys just put out THREE albums…if the single is any indication of their other new material, The Brew are definitely on the brink of getting a bigger and broader audience.  A tune like this cannot be ignored.

The Brew

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