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Cayamo: Song(s) Of The Day

While there¬†will be plenty of singer-songwriters with years and years of experience under their belt on Cayamo, there are also some newer artists that I’m thrilled to check out. I’ve blogged about all four of these songs before and I’ll be psyched to see/hear them performed live!

The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow”

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

Sarah Jaffe – “Clementine”

Joe Purdy – “Can’t Get It Right Today”


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Favorite Songs Of 2011

Here are my 5 favorite songs that are NOT on my Top 25 album list (which will be posted tomorrow). It’s quite the eclectic mix, but I’ve absolutely loved them this year. And in most cases, I’m not a huge fan of the album in its entirety. I will say, The Black Keys album would probably be towards the top of my album list, but I haven’t heard the whole thing! Since it came out so recently, I’ve only heard a few songs…it’ll qualify for next year’s list.

The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

Beyonce – “Countdown”

Katie Herzig – “Free My Mind”

Bell X1 – “Velcro”

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

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Song Of The Day

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

We recently started playing this tune on mvy and it took me a little while to warm up to it. But after listening a few times and really hearing the words, now I LOVE it and I really enjoy CRANKING up the volume when I play it in the studio. This song is an anthem, and it’s best to turn it up and sing along at the top of your lungs! Really beautiful video to go along with it too:

The Belle Brigade


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