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The 6th annual Naukabout Festival on Cape Cod is SATURDAY and the lineup is fantastic! This year there’s a big focus on up and coming local acts – from the Cape and also out of the Boston area. Throw in a FUN headlining band from NYC and a rising act out of Philly and you have a day filled with some seriously solid music!

Here’s a taste of just some of the artists performing on Saturday at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds (North Falmouth):

Jukebox the Ghost – “Somebody”

David Wax Museum – “Harder Before it Gets Easier”

Toy Soldiers – “Throw Me Down”

Tall Heights – “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know”

Saturday, August 3rd
@ the Barnstable County Fairgrounds
Noon until 10PM




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LYRICS: Tall Heights

“Out Of The Ground”

If you haven’t heard this duo out of Boston, you should definitely check them out. Gorgeous harmonies accompany cello and guitar for a dreamlike vibe akin to Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver, sometimes Kings Of Convenience. This track is from their brand new album, Man Of Stone, and I cannot. stop. listening.

The lyrics really speak to me, and move me. I know these guys personally (Tim and Paul) so I could easily ask them about the songwriting process and the meaning behind the words…but I’m not sure I want to. Sometimes you can take your own message away from a song and that part is yours alone.

“What a wreck of a day
What a wreck of a man I’ve become
And what thing to say,
But I said it, I cut and run

I tried to divide myself by my desire
Follow a dream to its grave
But for all of the ways I bury myself
I begged and I pleaded to stay

What a price to pay
What a price to pay for wicked pride
And what a foolish way
Of abandoning all that you tried

Loyal’s a life for a dog on a leash
I was sure I was born with the hounds
But in all of the ways you bury yourself
The dogs dig you out of the ground.

Now I awake in the day
When the sun is high in the sky
I’m sure I’m on my way
Or at least I’m not living a lie

Only to find myself looking behind
At the life for which I had been bound
Cause in all of the ways I bury myself
I’m rising up out of the ground
Yes in all of the ways I bury myself
I’m rising up out of the ground.”

Tall Heights


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mvyradio’s Local Music Cafe

Tonight I’m filling in for Alison Hammond on the Local Music Cafe. You can hear the show from 9-10pm at mvyradio.com. If you use iTunes, you can click on “radio” and choose “eclectic” to find mvyradio.

Here are a few of the artists I’ll feature on tonight’s show:

Tall Heights are one of my favorite up and coming Boston-based acts. Think Kings Of Convenience or Bon Iver…

Kenny Roby used to be the frontman of the Raleigh, NC-based band 6 String Drag…a band that was signed and produced by Steve Earle. Now Roby is solo and his sound is really something special. For fans of Rufus Wainwright, Jens Lekman and Devendra Banhart.

The album art from NYC trio Guards really caught my eye so I threw their CD in the player and I was delighted with their pop-infused single “Ready To Go”…



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LOCAL: Tall Heights

The Running Of the Bulls [EP]

Tim Harrington and Paul Wright are Boston’s Tall Heights. The two have a connection musically that can’t often be found and that connection is evident within the first few minutes of witnessing their live performance. The 4 tracks on their new EP (out today!) certainly display their talent and unique sound. These songs are available exclusively through Bandcamp – www.tallheights.bandcamp.com

My favorite track by far is “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know” – which really shows the dynamics this duo creates with just a cello, guitar and two beautifully harmonized voices. If you’re impressed in the slightest by these tracks, I urge you to seek out a live performance. Keep Tall Heights on your radar and catch a show when they come your way – you’ll leave with a new favorite up and coming act.

Tall Heights – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know from Tall Heights on Vimeo.

Tall Heights

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NAUKABOUT: Tall Heights

“Hell And High Water”

I’ve blogged about this dreamy duo before. Tall Heights will be playing on the side stage at Naukabout and they are not to be missed. Beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics definitely pull the listener in…check out “Hell And High Water” recorded TODAY at WBUR in Boston:

Tall Heights

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Song Of The Day

Tall Heights – “To Be Young”

I’ve blogged about this duo before…for fans of Kings Of Convenience, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, or even Simon & Garfunkel. They open up for Ryan Montbleau tonight at Club Passim. Here’s one of my favorite tunes they do:

Tall Heights

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NEW Music: Tall Heights

Tall Heights – Rafters

Never heard of Tall Heights? I could guess this Boston-based duo won’t be a hidden gem for much longer. Tim Harrington and Paul Wright have been independently spreading the word about their music for a few years now, and after selling 2,000 copies of their debut album, they’re now out with a new EP – Rafters.

The five songs on this EP brilliantly display this duo’s subdued but strong and sometimes haunting sound. It’s a sound that resembles elements of The Civil Wars, Kings Of Convenience, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver. Guitar and cello lay a foundation for each track while delicate vocals with beautifully crafted harmonies create a very clear mood and feel. It’s a type of sound that demands your full attention…it pulls you in and almost eases your mind. Once you’re in, you begin to listen to the lyrics and the songs become new again…filled with life and pulsing with emotion. “To Be Young” is my favorite track:

Tall Heights

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