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SONG: Ray LaMontagne

“Drive-in Movies”

Love love LOVING the latest Ray LaMontagne single…even more than the lead single (and title track) from his new album Supernova. Fittingly, “Drive-in Movies” has this beautiful throwback sound with a catchy hook and killer guitar riff:

Ray LaMontagne

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Song Of The Day

Girlyman – “Supernova” [LIVE]

Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing Girlyman live in concert for my second time. Since I last saw them, one of the band members was diagnosed with Leukemia and the future of the band was pretty uncertain. I’m so happy to say that since then, she’s made a full recovery. About two months ago, they announced she was in remission. In this video, she talks a bit about her diagnosis, and they perform a new tune…the title track of their new album that’s slated to come out sometime next year. I’m really psyched to hear some of their new material, and see the band perform with an undoubtedly renewed spirit.


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