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SONG: Dawes

“Someone Will”

Sorry for the weeklong silence – I caught the flu and was pretty much dead to the world for a minute there.

I’ve been diggin’ this ditty from the latest Dawes release. It’s got a great moving feeling to it…and the lyrics are (not suprisingly) solid:

“your heart is bigger than any that I’ve gone up against…
and if nobody’s loved you enough I know now, someone will”


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ALBUM: Dawes

Stories Don’t End

When you’re REALLY sick (the stomach bug kind), there’s not a lot of joy in the process of getting better. There’s a lot of sleep, a lot of fluids, a lot of pleading with your digestive system…but there’s not a lot of music. At least there wasn’t for me these past 4 days. Getting “must call out of work” sick made me stop and realize how much I appreciate my job as a DJ – where I get to pass along a minimum of 4 hours of music a night, simultaneously taking all that in myself. While I battled the sickness, I was also thankful for a note in my inbox that included a link to this new album preview – it sure sounds like Dawes will treat us to some more kickass tunes in April!

Thanks to PJ for employing me, and for sending me this Dawes video while I was at home sick!


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