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NEW Music: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

This album contains some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in years. For the past few weeks I’ve been taking each and every track in, digesting the almost spiritual nature of the music.  The songs are epic, they feel BIG. The layering of sounds and the soaring vocal harmonies are what grab you first and foremost…then as you begin to really hear the words, it’s clear that you’re being exposed to songwriting of the highest quality.

I feel like I can’t even begin to describe these songs individually. The album is officially out today and I URGE you to take a listen yourself. My favorite tracks right now are “Montezuma”, “Bedouin Dress”, “Helplessness Blues”, “Lorelai” and “The Shrine/An Argument”.

I know that some people are immediately turned off by a massive amount of buzz surrounding a band or an album, but this is the real deal. If you decide to take that stance, you’re missing out. SPIN magazine calls Helplessness Blues “the year’s most beautiful album”, and I sincerely doubt they’ll be wrong.

Fleet Foxes


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