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Lyric Of The Week

The Shins – Simple Song

Since I first heard it, this song has had a very special place in my heart…and as all the lyrics reveal themselves to me, I’m more and more blown away.

“My life in an upturned boat, marooned on a cliff
You brought me a great big flood, and you gave me a lift
Girl what a gift
And you tell me with your tongue
And your breath goes in my lungs
And we float over the rift”

Check out the incredible solo acoustic performance of this tune below. James Mercer was one of my favorite singers before I saw this…and now I’m even more impressed by his ability to pull off this song so well without his band.


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Song Of The Day

M. Ward – “The First Time I Ran Away”

This song is so beautiful…and I expected nothing less from M. Ward. His new solo album, A Wasteland Companion, will be out on April 10th and it’s one of a handful of albums I’m REALLY looking forward to this year. While Matt Ward has done great work with both Monsters Of Folk and She & Him the past few years, I’m a big fan of his solo stuff. His last album of solo material, Hold Time, was one of my favorite albums of 2007.

M. Ward

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