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Best Of ’10: Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter – So Runs the World Away

This is another album that jumps out at me when I think about 2010. Especially because I saw most of these songs performed live, they’ve got a special place in my heart. From the beautifully told, somber tale of “The Curse” to the upbeat sing-along, “Lantern”, Josh Ritter brings more gorgeous lyrics and unique compositions to our ears with So Runs the World Away.

Favorite tracks: “The Curse”, “Change Of Time”, “Folk Bloodbath”, “Lark”

Check out if you like:

Josh Ritter
So Runs the World Away

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Song Of The Day

Josh Ritter – “The Curse”

This tune is still one of my favorite tracks from Josh Ritter’s new album, So Runs The World Away. Ritter’s drummer, Liam Hurley created this beautiful video for the song using puppets. Check it out:

Josh Ritter

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LIVE: Josh Ritter

This past weekend I saw Josh Ritter at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston and it still seems pretty dreamlike. It was incredible how (with the help of  his tight band) he could get us up on our feet, singing along to one rockin’ tune and then have us seated and pin-drop quiet, listening intently to another.

What was most striking for me was the huge grin Ritter had on his face for the entire show. What a genuinely humble and happy guy! It’s so obvious that he just LOVES being up there and that happiness spread quickly throughout the audience. It had been a long time since I sat at a packed concert and felt like everyone else was just as focused on the show as I was.

Ritter stirred the audience into a frenzy with a bunch of familiar tunes including “Rumors”, “Good Man”, “Kathleen”, “Right Moves”, and “Snow Is Gone”. I was also happy to hear a lot of new material from So Runs The World Away. There were many extremely tender tunes mixed with some big, fierce, awe-inspiring rock songs. Across the board, Ritter’s songs are filled with top-notch writing.

I knew a couple who drove all the way from upstate New York to see the show even though they had just seen him play a few weeks before. As the night drew to an end, I knew exactly why they had to see it again.

Josh Ritter

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Daytrotter: Josh Ritter

I’ve been listening to Josh Ritter’s new album, So Runs The World Away non-stop lately. I was psyched to see that he stopped by Daytrotter recently to perform live… he did a mix of old and new tunes.


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NEW Music: Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away

I’ve been completely enthralled with this album for the past few days. It’s hard for me to even comprehend how Josh Ritter writes the way he does. He is, by far, one of the best storytellers I’ve ever encountered. Just take my favorite cut off the album for instance. “The Curse” tells the story of a mummy and the woman who discovers him. Who thinks to write about that?! And who does it with such eloquence? And such a beautiful melody?

“He opens his eyes
Falls in love at first sight
With the girl in the doorway
What beautiful lines
How full of life
After thousands of years
What a face to wake up to
He holds back a sigh
As she touches his arm
She dusts off the bed
Where ‘til now he’s been sleeping
Under miles of stone
The dry fig of his heart
Under scarab and bones
Starts back to its beating…”

This album is filled with gorgeous words and melodies. It’s one of my favorites of the year so far. A must listen!

Besides “The Curse”, I also really love “Change Of Time”, “Folk Bloodbath”, “Lark”, “Lantern”, and “Long Shadows”.

NPR’s First Listen let’s you hear the entire record.
Josh Ritter

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