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Best Of 2013: The Milk Carton Kids


The Ash & Clay

These guys are one of my favorite discoveries of the year. I’ve heard folks say they are just a “rip off” of Simon & Garfunkel, but to me, they bring back that familiar S&G sound but with a new twist. At times they are quirky, at times they are a bit bluegrass…and they are absolutely hilarious and charming live in concert.

The Milk Carton Kids

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Song Of The Day

Simon & Garfunkel – “Only Living Boy in New York”

On a feature called “Essential mvy”, my co-worker Barbara Dacey plays a set of songs with a certain theme or common thread every weekday during the Lunch Hour. Today she featured songs from Simon & Garfunkel…30 years ago today, the duo’s final album, Bridge Over Troubled Water, won multiple Grammy awards. As I was driving in my car, listening to the very end of this tribute, she played “Only Living Boy in New York”. This is one of my all time favorite tunes… and my surroundings couldn’t have been more perfect. I turned up the volume as rain poured down around me…as the sky darkened…as I drove on a bridge over choppy, gray water…

Simon & Garfunkel

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