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SAVE mvy Campaign close to goal!

The time is now…

save mvy

After almost two months of campaigning, mvyradio is nearing the $600,000 mark — as I write, we are at $526,185 in pledges!

Once we reach that 600K goal, we will take a leap of faith into a new chapter of our nearly 30 year history. We will no longer broadcast on 92.7FM, but we will continue to stream online as we have since 1998. We will be commercial free, completely non-profit and listener supported. The money raised will cover our first year of expenses and we will work hard to secure a future online as well as a new spot somewhere on the FM dial.

We’ve received pledges from 48 of the 50 U.S. states and from 14 countries around the world. It’s clear that this radio station is something special…something worth preserving. Help to get us to our goal. PLEDGES ARE BEING MATCHED RIGHT NOW.

Call 508 693 5000
or visit mvyradio.com

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SAVE mvyradio!


If you haven’t heard, the radio station I work for is at a crossroads. Our FM signal was sold in November, but we have the opportunity to continue as a web based non-profit…IF we can raise the money for our first year of expenses. Since the news of the sale, we’ve been fundraising to try to get to our $600,000 goal. As I type, we are at over $363,000 in pledges. I’m hoping you can make a pledge today.

What makes TODAY special? – a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous will MATCH EVERY DONATION MADE. So please READ OUR STORY and MAKE A PLEDGE to help save an independent radio station with deep roots in a very special place – Martha’s Vineyard. If you’ve visited, spent a week, spent a summer, or live here year-round, you know how special this island is…and for mvyradio to go silent would be a blow to this community and a loss to online listeners around the globe. I can’t count the number of people who have told us that we bring them back to MV when they can’t be here. A recent tweet from a listener read, “Turned on WMVY and white wine and sand started pouring out of the speakers”.

On the flip side, some folks who listen have never set foot on the Vineyard, but they say we provide what their local stations don’t – independently chosen music, both old and new, with refreshing perspective and REAL, personable DJs.

If you’ve never listened to mvyradio, you can check it out easily on iTunes — just choose “Radio” on the left sidebar and then choose “Eclectic” and scroll down to M for mvyradio. If you don’t use iTunes, you can CLICK HERE to listen.

and remember TODAY, your pledge will be matched!

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