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SAVE mvy Campaign close to goal!

The time is now…

save mvy

After almost two months of campaigning, mvyradio is nearing the $600,000 mark — as I write, we are at $526,185 in pledges!

Once we reach that 600K goal, we will take a leap of faith into a new chapter of our nearly 30 year history. We will no longer broadcast on 92.7FM, but we will continue to stream online as we have since 1998. We will be commercial free, completely non-profit and listener supported. The money raised will cover our first year of expenses and we will work hard to secure a future online as well as a new spot somewhere on the FM dial.

We’ve received pledges from 48 of the 50 U.S. states and from 14 countries around the world. It’s clear that this radio station is something special…something worth preserving. Help to get us to our goal. PLEDGES ARE BEING MATCHED RIGHT NOW.

Call 508 693 5000
or visit mvyradio.com


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SONG: Charlie Mars

“How I Roll”

I thought this was a pretty funny peek into the world of radio and FCC regulations. In an email from Jesse Barnett, who’s working this Charlie Mars single:

The original album version includes the line in the first verse, “I shouldn’t have smoked so much weed, I shouldn’t have done so much blow.” While there are no FCC issues there, some stations may take issue. The edits, therefore, should help you out. Edit #1 keeps “weed” but replaces “blow” with “oh-oh-oh.” After John Mayer kept asking “who says I can’t get stoned” and Showtime has a popular show called “Weeds,” this will probably suffice for most people. In case it doesn’t, edit #2 changes “weed” to “weeeeeeee” (no ‘d’) and changes “blow” to “oh-oh-oh.”

The dirty version:

Charlie Mars

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Song Of The Day

The Brew – “When Darkness Comes”

I cannot get enough of this tune. The Brew are a jam band (of sorts) from the Boston area and they’ve been out there working hard for years. I’ve seen them live a few times and have always been impressed, but I didn’t envision that their music would become “mainstream”. Then a few months ago I heard “When Darkness Comes”. It’s by no means pop, but it’s got everything a radio single should have. It sounds so damn good on mvy. Turns out these guys just put out THREE albums…if the single is any indication of their other new material, The Brew are definitely on the brink of getting a bigger and broader audience.  A tune like this cannot be ignored.

The Brew

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Song Of The Day

Joni Mitchell – “You Turn Me On I’m A Radio”

It’s pretty fitting to post this a day after a Laura Marling post, since she’s a great young artist who is no doubt very influenced by Joni Mitchell. The words of this tune are so damn good and I’m obviously even more psyched on all the radio metaphors since I’m a DJ. Add in some harmonica and I’m so in love with this song.

“If your head says forget it, but your heart’s still smoking…call me at the station, the lines are open”

Joni Mitchell

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