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SONG: Trey Anastasio


I’ve REALLY been diggin this new Trey song…the tune is catchy and fun and the words get my head spinning!

“I’m halfway, fully, nearly, close to just beyond it
Right beside and just a hair’s breadth, in between, next to and closer
I’m approximately, roughly, more or less, about exactly
Almost close by and adjacent…”

Trey Anastasio

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Song Of The Day

I can’t say that I love the new PHISH album…but I did wake up with their new single in my head today. While the album (Joy) doesn’t hold a candle to what PHISH does in a live show, it does have its moments. The single “Backwards Down The Number Line” always makes me smile when I hear it, and that’s definitely my kind of tune…

Hears a video of the song, it also shows the beautiful album art.


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