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TPS Sessions: Garrett James

The music scene on Martha’s Vineyard sure does slow down in the offseason, but we find ways to keep busy! Over the winter, I asked some local musicians to record a bit of music and conversation with me at Phil daRosa‘s Oak Bluffs studio – The Print Shop. I also reached out to some local photographers to come by and capture these in-studio interviews. We’re calling the recordings “TPS Sessions” and I hope you enjoy them!

GARRETT_playinGARRETT_studioGarrett James is from upstate NY but has been coming to Martha’s Vineyard for the past few summers to do what a lot of young people do – work and make some extra money. This past winter was his first on the island and he found it an incredibly useful time to lock himself away to write, create, and plan for a busy summer. I had a great time getting to know Garrett and his songwriting process a little better…below are three original songs he played for me and you can scroll down for a few clips from our conversation.

“Country Music Keeps On Truckin”

“Burlesque House”

“Wish You Could Stay”


We discuss his songwriting process for “Country Music Keeps On Truckin”:

Garrett talks about how theater has influenced him:

GARRETT_talkingGarrett is playing out and about quite a bit this summer so watch for him! This month he’ll be playing in Oak Bluffs at Park Corner on Thursdays and Offshore Ale on Saturdays. Full list of dates HERE.

Garrett James WEBSITE
photos by Anthony Esposito
audio recorded by Phil daRosa
at The Print Shop, Oak Bluffs




Jess Phaneuf, Phil daRosa, Garrett James, Danielle Mulcahy

…much more to come from TPS Sessions, right here on pH balanced!





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I’ve been keeping this music blog for 4 years now, and I’m about to hit my 1,000th post! The site is due for an upgrade and I’d love a sweet logo and maybe even a slogan to go along with it! That’s where you come in…

If you’re good with art/graphics, take a crack at it! The more ideas, the better. And please pass this along to friends who come to mind.

**I’ll choose the winner in about a month – APRIL 13th will be the deadline for submissions.**


The site is called “pH balanced” (uppercase H, lower case b)
*pH comes from my last name Phaneuf – I’ve been “phjess” online since grade school.

Oh, & I’ve always thought having “Music Blog” right under the blog name was appropriate, but that isn’t 100% necessary.

**I LOVE the idea of the pH scale visuals being incorporated because I LOVE COLORS. I do want the logo to be simple enough that I could get it put on tshirts in the future, etc.**

That’s pretty much all I’ve got! You can always ask me more specific questions…


If you can come up with a short slogan (ie “Just Do It”, haha) for the site, add that to the design. If you read my blog, you might have ideas…if you don’t – this is the sort of music blog that I like to keep really simple. I always want it to have the feel of a friend telling you about some awesome music that they’re excited about. Because that’s exactly what it is :))


I’ll use the logo (and maybe slogan too) for my new site! You will be credited always!

**And I’ll handpick 6 CDs for you…all artists that I’ve blogged about!

(Titles I’ve got on standby include:

The Black Keys – El Camino
Delta Spirit – Delta Spirit
Lisa Hannigan – Passenger
Alexi Murdoch – Towards The Sun
Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur
The Brew – A Garden In The Snow)


You can send your entries to my email address:
and also post them to the Facebook wall of this event!!!



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mvyradio HOT SEAT

Best Of pH balanced

Tune into The Hot Seat on mvyradio tomorrow night… I’ll be hosting the show and playing an hour of my favorite tunes that I featured on this blog in 2010. It’s a bit early, but it’ll be like a year in review. Before I starting putting together this show, I felt bummed about the lack of really great music this year… but now I’m remembering a lot of awesome releases and I want to share them with you! Here’s my playlist:

Local Natives – “World News”
Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”
Jesca Hoop – “The Kingdom”
Band Of Horses – “Factory”
Josh Ritter – “The Curse”
The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light”
Vampire Weekend – “White Sky”
The New Pornographers – “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk”
OK Go – “White Knuckles”
Dawes – “When My Time Comes”
The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Herbie Hancock w/ Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks – “Space Captain”
Dr. Dog – “Shadow People”

Best of pH balanced
on mvyradio’s HOT SEAT
Monday 11.08.10 @ 9PM

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pH balanced NEWS

This month marks 2 years since I created this pH balanced music blog. What started as a temporary outlet for me between college and a ‘real’ job has become an enjoyable side-project which allows me to share my love for music with anyone and everyone on a daily basis. As I continue on, I’ve got a few exciting additions to ramp things up a bit:


This coming Saturday, April 10th, I’ll be a celebrity judge for Tom Bianchi’s Open Mic Challenge at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. This is the main event – where the winners from the past 20 plus weeks of open mic nights battle it out for 1st place. I’m psyched to be exposed to more Boston-based bands and I’ll definitely be letting you know about the acts I really enjoy.


Living and working on Martha’s Vineyard, it can be hard for me to make it out to a lot of live shows. I’ve asked two of my friends (also avid music lovers) to contribute to pH balanced with show reviews. One friend lives in the Boston area and the other in San Francisco, so we’ll be getting posts from both coasts!


It’s incredible to work at a radio station like mvy, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of music. I’ve decided to go through the music library alphabetically, delving into artists who I know, but could know better. I’m calling it mvyradio A-Z, and I’m starting with Ryan Adams. First post coming soon!

Thanks to all of you for reading, listening and commenting. Keep checking in!


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Best Of pH balanced ’09

I had an hour on mvyradio’s Hot Seat to feature the best of this blog for the year. I’m usually a planner, but I decided to leave my choices loose…I went into the studio with a stack of CDs and flew by the seat of my pants, hoping it would fall into place. And it did! I had a blast playing my favorite material from the year and looking over my playlist now, I think I did a pretty decent job of choosing the best of the best. If you’ve read and enjoyed my blog over this past year, then you’re sure to like this hour of music. It will replay on Sunday (12/27) at 10pm and you can also check it out in the mvyradio.com archives. Here’s the playlist:

Girlyman – “Easy Bake Ovens”
M. Ward – “For Beginners”
Neko Case – “The Next Time You Say Forever”
The Low Anthem – “Charlie Darwin”
Melody Gardot – “If The Stars Were Mine”
Regina Spektor – “The Calculation”
Langhorne Slim – “Say Yes”
Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing To Worry About”
St. Vincent – “Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood”
Dala – “Alive”
Kings Of Convenience – “Boat Behind”
The Swell Season – “Feeling The Pull”
Hey Mama – “Mountain Bones”
Derek Trucks Band w/ Susan Tedeschi – “Back Where I Started”
Ingrid Michaelson – “The Chain”
David Gray – “Jackdaw”

Listen to my Hot Seat

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mvyradio HOT SEAT

As the year winds to an end, I’m psyched to have a chance to sit in the Hot Seat on mvyradio…where I basically get to play whatever I want. Monday night at 9PM I’ll do an hour-long recap of the new music I’ve blogged about this year. It’ll be “Best Of pH balanced 2009”. If you’ve been excited by any of the music I’ve featured on this blog recently, you may enjoy the show. It’ll be hard to squeeze a year’s worth of great music into one hour, but I’ll do my best. Tune in to 92.7FM on the Cape and Islands or go to mvyradio.com to listen online. I’ll also be posting my complete playlist and a link for you to hear it in the archives after the fact.

Best Of pH balanced 2009
Monday 12/21 @ 9PM

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