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LIVE: Ryan Montbleau Band


photo by Rich Gastwirt ((www.stageshooter.com))

Friday night at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Ryan Montbleau got his band back together for an incredibly memorable night of music. Montbleau was joined by the group’s original core members (James & Jason Cohen, Laurence Scudder and Matt Giannaros) as well as Lyle Brewer on guitar and Yahuba on percussion. 

These 7 guys spent countless hours together over the years…touring the country in a Sprinter van and recording Montbleau’s songs while an ever-growing fan base followed their every move. It was clear that a flood of memories were hitting Montbleau up on that stage, but he decided to skip the story telling and let the music speak for itself. 

For one nearly 3-hour long set, RMB favorites came one after another, much to the sold out crowd’s delight. Stand out moments included “Stretch”, “Draw the Line”, “Honeymoon Eyes”, “Grain Of Sand”, “You Crazy You” > “I Can’t Wait” and an epic “Here Et. All” encore. Songs from the new album Growing Light were sprinkled in along with a few covers…the Talking Heads’ “Naive Melody” was clearly a crowd favorite. 

The room was filled with a palpable energy as fans danced alongside many familiar faces, celebrating this tight unit of a band. As the crowd roared and the guys got together for one final bow, it sank in that this is truly the closing of a chapter in Montbleau’s career…and for the RMB family too.

It was a bittersweet evening, and a fitting farewell for a great group of musicians and fans.

Ryan Montbleau Band



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LIVE: Alabama Shakes

When anything is good and new, there tends to be a certain amount of hype surrounding that thing. With music these days, it seems to happen early on. The internet is making things faster and a solid band seems to catch on a lot quicker. It happened recently with The Civil Wars, who were on a late night show before they even released a record. They just met each other in 2008 and they’ve already won two Grammy awards…for their SOLE album. 

Well there’s certainly an enormous amount of hype around the Alabama Shakes. I went to see them at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Sunday night and someone who worked there told us the show sold out in ONE DAY, before their debut album Boys and Girls was even officially released. Well I’ll say right now, this band lived up to their buzz and then some. It’s easy to say a band is tight and that their vocalist is a beast, but what sets these guys apart is this – the music I heard live Sunday night in that packed club was some of the most REAL music I’ve ever heard.

There’s a good chance the first song you’ve heard (or will hear) from this band is the single “Hold On”. Let’s stop to observe that this tune is incredibly simple lyrically. Yet, singer Brittany Howard is sharing a personal struggle…one that we ALL go through:

“Bless my heart
Bless yours too
I don’t know where I’m gonna go
Don’t know what I’m gonna do

there must be someone up above
Sayin’ come on Brittany!
You’ve got to get back up

You’ve got to HOLD ON
You’ve got to HOLD ON

Yea, you’ve got to WAIT
Yea, you gotta WAIT
but I don’t wanna wait!
No I don’t wanna wait!”

Howard’s performance was so incredibly genuine, the entire crowd was simply captivated. Between songs, the cheering was literally defeaning. When the band left the stage, the applause lasted for what seemed like 10 minutes, until the band, completely humble and in awe of the love, came out and did three more tunes. They ended with a dynamite cover of the Led Zeppelin tune “How Many More Times” (*check it out below) and I swear, everyone who walked out of that club was a believer. The band is headed overseas and the majority of their UK dates are already sold out. I’m guessing those audiences will be just as pleased when the reality lives up to the rumors.

Alabama Shakes

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Song Of The Day

Alabama Shakes – “You Ain’t Alone” [Live]

It looks like I’ll be at the sold out Alabama Shakes show at the Paradise in Boston on Sunday night (!)…and in anticipation, I’m checking out all sort of videos from the band. The more live stuff I watch, the more my excitement builds. There seems to be a massive amount of energy and passion infused into their live show. Just check out this incredible performance of “You Ain’t Alone” to see what I mean:

Alabama Shakes

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Song Of The Day

Assembly Of Dust feat. Richie Havens – “All That I Am Now”

Tonight I’ll be seeing AOD live at the Paradise…I’ve only seen them once before and it was 4 years ago, so I’m excited to experience them again, and in a more intimate setting. I am not familiar with too much of their music, but I do love this tune from the album Some Assembly Required.

Assembly Of Dust

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LIVE: Ryan Montbleau Band

If you’re in the area the next few nights, I urge you to check out this talented local band. Ryan Montbleau Band will play Higher Ground in Burlington, VT tonight, Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA on Friday, and the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Saturday. These guys have just returned from an 8-week national tour, so it’s sure to be quite a homecoming!

This band is really hard to pin down and categorize. They do funk, soul, reggae, and Americana with a hint of folk. Singer/songwriter Ryan Montbleau really has a way with words. His lyrics will draw you into his world, and his polished band will help to paint the complete picture. If you head to a show, expect to get hooked, expect to have fun, and expect to be moved…both emotionally and physically. RMB is an emerging act that is not to be missed.

Thursday, December 3rd
Higher Ground
Burlington, VT
w/ Caravan of Thieves
Doors 7:30pm/$14

Friday, December 4th
Pearl Street Night Club
Northampton, MA
w/ Jesse Dee
Doors 8pm/$15

Saturday, December 5th
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA
w/ Caravan of Thieves
Doors 8pm/$22

Ryan Montbleau Band

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