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SONG: Phoenix


I like a lot of what I hear from this French band, especially this particular tune that keeps popping up while I’m listening to my favorite stations on Pandora…neat video too:


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SONG: Vampire Weekend


Today I was doing some Spring cleaning. It was sunny and breezy and it felt good to open the doors and let the light and fresh air pour in as I swept, dusted, and generally picked up the place. I also had to vacuum quite a bit…but I ran into problems there. Whenever I turned the vacuum on, I couldn’t hear the music I had going – the Dr. Dog Pandora station (my absolute favorite station).┬áThe mix was particularly good and each and every song was so solid that I literally couldn’t bring myself to drown the music out with the cursed vacuum’s roar.

This was one of the tunes that really grabbed my attention (and distracted me from cleaning) today…a track by Vampire Weekend from the soundtrack to Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist:

Vampire Weekend

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SONG: Matt Costa

“Miss Magnolia”

This song is just enough familiarity and just enough originality (if you don’t hear it right away, Matt Costa is borrowing from Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime” with the chorus of the tune). “Miss Magnolia” popped up when I was listening to one of those music stations online that stream songs they think you might like.

As a DJ, I obviously like to guide and be guided when it comes to music. I have nothing against online music sites that have computers choosing the tunes, but I do believe in the human touch of radio or podcasts with a host telling you just what you’re hearing and how they feel about it. There’s nothing quite like that.

If you haven’t yet, you can get that human touch along with great music at my radio station – which streams online just like Pandora…but we’re free to use and commercial free. A free iPhone, Blackberry or android app will allow you to listen to mvyradio, plus you can find us easily at iTunes – just choose “Radio”>”Eclectic”>”mvyradio”.

…here’s the Mungo Jerry tune:

Matt Costa

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