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LIVE: Fleet Foxes

Tuesday night, I found myself at the Orpheum in Boston with my father by my side. The two of us were shaking our heads and staring at the stage in disbelief…not of what we were seeing, but of what we were hearing. I’ve been listening to Helplessness Blues, the new album from Seattle’s Fleet Foxes, nonstop these days. I’ve talked to many who find it to contain some of the most beautiful music they’ve heard in years, but also to others who feel that the recording’s vocal effects leave them unimpressed. For those who aren’t quite sold on the sound of this band’s recorded material, I think seeing them perform live just once would make them a believer.

The vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation coming from the stage that night were mind-blowing. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The crowd went CRAZY between each and every song. Lead singer Robin Pecknold would humbly mumble, “Wow you guys, thank you…thank you so much” to quiet us down.

It was really a miracle I made it to the show, after my flight into Boston was delayed for three hours! Despite arriving late, I got the chance to hear some of my favorite tracks off the new record – “Lorelai”, “Montezuma”, “The Shrine/An Argument” and of course, title track “Helplessness Blues”. One of the highlights of the show for me was Pecknold’s soaring vocals on “Oliver James”. Sadly I’ve gathered that I missed “White Winter Hymnal”, “Mykonos”, “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” and my favorite tune from Helplessness Blues – “Bedouin Dress”. But I was just thrilled to have experienced the beauty of this music at such a small venue…I have a sneaking suspicion that Fleet Foxes will be playing much bigger rooms very soon…

Fleet Foxes


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