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LYRICS: John Hiatt

“Blues Can’t Even Find Me”

I love this tune from John Hiatt’s latest album and the more I listen to the words, the more I appreciate what he’s saying. There’s this technology theme that runs throughout the song, a commentary on how it has affected us, or maybe just how it has affected him. I think it’s something that’s really important to acknowledge and think about (as I type this blog post ;)

“World is closin’ in on me
Don’t know what to do
Can’t see the big picture anymore
If there’s even one to view

Wife keeps pushin’ buttons
Spend all day starin’ at a little screen

I’m feelin’ invisible
The blues can’t even find me…

She cried all the way to Memphis
With the kids in back
And only me to talk it out with
Used to be like that

Now there’s fifty people in the car
And the kids are grown
And I’ve heard her side fifty times
Talkin’ on her cell phone

Now we’re just so lonely
And there’s no turnin’ back
It’s virtually impossible
But I can live with that”

John Hiatt



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