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VIDEO: Dwight & Nicole


This music video will brighten your day! The track “Smile” is so lovely and light. It has a bit of a throwback vibe, with surf guitar sounds and backing vocals. Add in this funny, sweet music video and you’re sure to be delighted…watch till the end:

Dwight & Nicole

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LOCAL: Ross Livermore Band


“Work Song”

Like so many other up-and-coming acts, the Ross Livermore Band believes a lot of their strength lies in their live performance. So they’ve decided to offer us a little taste of that experience each month, for an entire year. Every month, this Boston-based band has been offering a free download of a live recording and along with it, a polished music video. A treat for the ears and eyes!

Some of these singles are cover songs, done with a unique flavor that’s all their own. Others, like this one, are written by the band and really showcase their energetic, FUN vibe. Seems like “Work Song” is a pretty fitting track for this time of year, when we’re all getting swept away in another busy summer season…

Check out MANY more videos from RLB HERE!
Ross Livermore Band
RLB On Facebook

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VIDEO: Lucius

“Turn It Around”

Awesome new video for this Lucius track…love the sound and LOOK of this NYC band so much!


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VIDEO: Katie Herzig

“The Waking Sleep”

I’m very excited to hear Katie Herzig’s new album Walk Through Walls which will be released on April 8th. Meanwhile, she just put out this gorgeous video for the title track of her last album The Waking Sleep (2011). Director Shih-Ting Hung has worked with Katie Herzig before, and here she creates a STUNNING visual landscape for this track:

Katie Herzig

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VIDEO: Deer Tick

“Big House”

This song is perfectly lovely but I will say – it’s NOT one of my favorite new Deer Tick tunes. It’s really the lyrics and the visuals here that I want to share with you. You could watch it muted… even with no sound, this video has A LOT of power. It’s beautifully shot, and as always, John McCauley’s words seem to nail what we all feel in a simple way that we can all understand:

*Deer Tick is a RI-based band currently nominated for several
New England Music Awards
– you can VOTE HERE until 1/31!*

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SONG: Lucius


With the release of their debut album, Wildewoman, the New York City-based band Lucius has also released this new music video. It’s quite strange at times…there’s a lot going on! But the music is what I really want you to check out – this band is one of my favorite recent musical discoveries. For me, the harmonies and unique blend of dreamlike electronic sounds really set them apart from a lot of other new acts. If you can check them out LIVE, definitely do it! They’ll be in Boston on December 5th at the Sinclair with You Won’t (another one of my favorites!).

**full list of tour dates HERE**


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SONG: Arcade Fire


I dig the sound of this new Arcade Fire single and the video is really wild! The band also released an interactive video for this song… make sure you’re using Google Chrome and navigate to http://justareflektor.com to check it out! Full album is due out 10/29.

Arcade Fire

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VIDEO: Mumford & Sons

“Hopeless Wanderer”

I’m going to go ahead and post this since it’s probably the most talked about music video on the web today. Mumford & Sons enlisted the help of comedic actors Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis to parody the band…and I think it’s a breath of fresh air!

Mumford and Sons

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SONG: Willy Mason

“Talk Me Down”

I didn’t think this tune from Willy Mason’s latest album could get more beautiful, but here’s the new music video and it’s gorgeous:

Carry On is officially out in the states on August 20th.

Willy Mason

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SONG: Wheeler Brothers

“My Time”

We’ve been playing this single at mvyradio and it’s really been growing on me as I hear it more and more. There’s a lightness to it that’s perfect for summer. Today I checked out the music video and I’m so glad I did! It’s extremely cute and funny…makes me want to dig deeper into this Austin-based band’s catalog.

Wheeler Brothers


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