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SONG: Jack Johnson

“I Got You”

I’ve never disliked a song from the master of feel-good, Jack Johnson, but I wouldn’t say I liked the latest single when I first heard it. It took me many a listen to really enjoy this one, but now I love it…the guitar work is beautiful and it’s somewhat impossible not to sing along. Oh, and could the music video be any more adorable? I think not:

Jack Johnson
headlines the LIFE IS GOOD festival September 21st and 22nd in Canton, MA…don’t miss this fest!

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NAUKABOUT: Adam Ezra Group

“Miss Hallelujah”

Well, the summer is flying by as usual and the 5th annual Naukabout festival is coming right up! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of great local acts Saturday including the Adam Ezra Group, who I’ve never seen live. I love this sweet sounding tune and it’s fun to see all the Boston shots in the music video too:

Adam Ezra Group

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I like that I write on my own time and don’t have stressful deadlines, but after a musical event like Newport Folk, I can be stunned into silence for a while – in this case, a whole week! Sorry for the delay but I’ve found it can take me quite a while to process experiences like these. Newport Folk Festival 2012 was incredible in so many ways…it remains one of the top musical events of the year in my eyes. Here are a few highlights for me from the weekend:

For the first time, the Friday night kickoff show was AT the Fort, and WILCO simply crushed their set.

 photo by PJ Finn
Charles Bradley
I think this guy was the big surprise for a lot of people at Newport. His performance was just dripping with genuine emotion and soul.

Maybe you’ve seen a few borderline creepy videos from Tune-yards, but did you know the music is made mostly by just one woman? I didn’t until Newport. Merrill Garbus uses drum loops and pedals to create experimental, tribal-infused, electro-pop that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. She’s joined by a bassist and two horn players when she performs live.

The Tallest Man On Earth
Kristian Matsson was one of the only performers of the weekend who took the stage on his own, with just his guitar in hand (he did sit and play keys at one point). I’m still in awe of his commanding stage presence and captivating lyrics. My dad was listening to his set via mvyradio and put it simply – “He’s my new favorite singer/songwriter”


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NAUKABOUT 2012: Line Up

I’m very excited about the 5th annual Naukabout festival on Cape Cod, coming up on August 11th. Check out the stellar lineup:


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Not just a music festival…

…and not just a billion dollar company.

Headed into the Life is good festival, I was hoping to be musically inspired…and there certainly WAS an endless amount of musical inspiration at every turn. What I didn’t expect to walk away with, was a feeling of pure joy and a new hope for humanity.
I guess you could say that Bert and John Jacobs stumbled upon a genius concept with their initial sketch of “Jake” – the goofy, smiling logo of Life is good. Perhaps there was some luck involved, but it seems clear to me that perseverance and hard work were also factors in the equation. No matter what it was that got these brothers and this company to where they are today, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves. With 4,500 retail stores in all 50 states and 30 countries, it’s safe to say they’re doing well!

With so much talk about corporate greed these days, it was such a breath of fresh air to see a company worth billions of dollars putting on such a large scale event for the greater good. 100% of the proceeds from this past weekend’s festival went to the Life is good Playmakers – a group dedicated to helping children who face life-threatening challenges. The company met their goal of raising 1 million dollars for the charity…and also spread their positive message to thousands of adults and kids who attended the festival.

Sure, Life is good is a corporation that sells a product (MANY products) with a logo and a slogan. But what their logo and slogan stand for has become so clear to me through attending this festival and through learning about the Life is good charity. It’s a message of positivity, optimism, hope, laughter, joy, music, and love. Turn off the TV and play a game. Get outside and run around. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Take your kids to see music outdoors. Give what you can to help someone else. Get together and celebrate LIFE.

I know I’m just one of many who walked away from this experience with a feeling of hope. If a sketch of a smiley face can turn into a million dollars for kids in need and immeasurable inspiration for others, then anything is possible.

Life is good


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Life IS Good

I’ve been disappointed with myself for not posting all week…I haven’t necessarily felt musically inspired these days. I know there’s plenty out there to discover, but I just don’t seem to have the drive to explore. Great music is sometimes easy to find with all the new CDs that come in to the station, but I haven’t even been compelled to sit and listen. The change of seasons has gotten to my mood a bit, and this dreary weather hasn’t helped. I’m definitely listening to music…but mostly the same few artists and songs again and again. They fit my gloomy demeanor.

I have hope that I’ll get out of this rut after a weekend FILLED with amazing music. Tomorrow I head to the Life Is Good festival, which features two days of ridiculous talent…Ray LaMontagne, The Avett Brothers, Michael Franti, Maceo Parker, Ingrid Michaelson, Martin Sexton, Levon Helm…

What’s even more exciting is the cause – 100% of proceeds from the festival go towards helping children who have it tough. This festival is truly about good music and good vibes. So I’ll join my family, friends, and co-workers in Canton, MA tomorrow to celebrate life and music…even the rain can’t spoil that.


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Somehow, things worked out quite well for this weekend. ‘Quite well’ is really an understatement… the planets aligned! Everything fell into place! Between work coverage and the logistics of getting around Cape traffic, I’ve managed to find a way to make it up to the Nateva Festival in Oxford, ME! This is the first year of the festival, and it’s got an incredible lineup. It looks like I’ll be getting there late tonight and I can’t wait to catch a bunch of great acts tomorrow! Here’s who I’m most looking forward to:

Ryan Montbleau Band

John Brown’s Body

The Brew

She & Him

Grizzly Bear

Flaming Lips

Toubab Krewe

So I’ll be taking a little blog break this weekend… absorbing all of this incredible music. I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend, whatever you end up doing. I’ll be posting on Monday to tell you all about Nateva!


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