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Lyric Of The Week

Rilo Kiley – “More Adventurous”

While trying to find a jewel case for a CD I was giving my Dad, I found one of my favorite albums from high school – Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous. The band recently announced their break up, and I’m not entirely surprised since they hadn’t don’t much since their lackluster concept album Under The Blacklight in 2007.

Anyways, I absolutely love this song and the lyrics…it’s so sad and joyful all at once.

“If my brain quits, well I guess then that’s just it
And if my hands stop working you can call me lazy
And if I get pregnant I guess I’ll just have the baby…
Let it be loved, let me be loved.

I’ve been trying to nod my head but it’s like I’ve got a broken neck
Wanting to say I will as my last testament
For you to be saved and me to be brave we don’t have to walk down that aisle
But if marriage ain’t enough, well at least we’ll be loved”


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