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Cayamo: Richard Thompson

There was so much to love on Cayamo, but musically, I think Richard Thompson left me with the most lasting impression. 5, 10, 15 years from now I bet I’ll remember my jaw dropped to the floor while watching his amazing performances, both solo and in a trio. During his one solo set, I sat pretty close to the stage, and I actually cried during “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”. I’ve never seen guitar playing like his…I’ve never been more impressed by a guitar player.

Thompson’s two other sets were with drummer Michael Jerome and bassist Taras Prodaniuk. These three blew the roof off the theatre! I have to point out how many other musicians were in attendance for these performances. Sitting up in the artist area, I noticed James McMurtry, Loudon Wainwright III, Buddy Miller, and Greg Brown watching the Richard Thompson trio…I could even see Buddy Miller shaking his head at some of the guitar solos.

It’s clear that Thompson has an amazing ability on his instrument, and in my opinion, his deep, almost throaty voice is very unique and captivating. He also tells great stories, and somehow he makes a sea shanty seem cool! Richard Thompson was the artist I was most looking forward to seeing live on Cayamo and he blew my expectations away.

Richard Thompson


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