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LYRICS: Tall Heights

“Out Of The Ground”

If you haven’t heard this duo out of Boston, you should definitely check them out. Gorgeous harmonies accompany cello and guitar for a dreamlike vibe akin to Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver, sometimes Kings Of Convenience. This track is from their brand new album, Man Of Stone, and I cannot. stop. listening.

The lyrics really speak to me, and move me. I know these guys personally (Tim and Paul) so I could easily ask them about the songwriting process and the meaning behind the words…but I’m not sure I want to. Sometimes you can take your own message away from a song and that part is yours alone.

“What a wreck of a day
What a wreck of a man I’ve become
And what thing to say,
But I said it, I cut and run

I tried to divide myself by my desire
Follow a dream to its grave
But for all of the ways I bury myself
I begged and I pleaded to stay

What a price to pay
What a price to pay for wicked pride
And what a foolish way
Of abandoning all that you tried

Loyal’s a life for a dog on a leash
I was sure I was born with the hounds
But in all of the ways you bury yourself
The dogs dig you out of the ground.

Now I awake in the day
When the sun is high in the sky
I’m sure I’m on my way
Or at least I’m not living a lie

Only to find myself looking behind
At the life for which I had been bound
Cause in all of the ways I bury myself
I’m rising up out of the ground
Yes in all of the ways I bury myself
I’m rising up out of the ground.”

Tall Heights



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