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Best Of 2013: Tedeschi Trucks Band


Made Up Mind

This album is dynamite, of course. No surprise there. I’ve been listening to it a lot the past few days, because I’ve decided I want to pick my TEN favorite albums, and I’m not sure how I feel about the entire album from top to bottom. It’s a serious contender for the list… and no doubt about it, the single “Made Up Mind” is one of my favorite tracks of the year!


Tedeschi Trucks Band

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LYRICS: Tedeschi Trucks Band

“Made Up Mind”

There’s something so incredibly bad ass about this song. First, I have to say – Susan Tedeschi doesn’t have to wear sexy clothes, gyrate on stage, or be flashy to absolutely KILL IT. I admire this very much about her. When she sings these words, they come across so powerfully. The words themselves are so perfectly subtle – they leave a lot for your imagination to fill in. I can’t stop listening at full volume! It’s such a great anthem.

“I know you wish that you could see in my window
Wishing you could pull up the blind
And I’m wearing my robe made of flowers
Just me and my made up mind

I know you’d like to walk in my garden
And pull yourself up a big bouquet
You can smell the magnolias
But it’s just like I told you: I’m in a higher place

I’ve got a made up mind
I’ve got a made up mind
If you’re thinking I might break down in time
You’re gonna find
I’ve got a made up mind”

Tedeschi Trucks Band

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