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NEW: Lykke Li

“No Rest For The Wicked”

Here’s a new song and video from Lykke Li… she’ll release her new album, I Never Learn, on May 5th. This sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to take in the entire album.

Lykke Li


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Lyric Of The Week

Lykke Li – “Love Out Of Lust”

The words of this song really intrigue me. Of course with any piece of writing, there can be a number of different interpretations…and personally, I like to take these lyrics further than a romantic or lustful relationship. The first two lines here are very powerful to me when I think of them as universal statements – united together, we can do so much more than every man for himself. What I like even more is dance while you can…such a great mantra!

“We will live longer than I will, we will be better than I was
We can cross rivers with our will, we can do better than I can
So dance while you can. Dance cause you must.
Love out of lust. Dance while you can.”

Lykke Li

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Best Of ’11: Lykke Li

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

There have been A LOT of really good albums released this year, but I fell victim to music addiction a few times…where I just could not stop listening to the same album again and again. This left me LOVING 3 albums, and now I’m trying to open up to the suggestions of others, which is always a nice experience.

A few weeks ago, I listened to the Lykke Li album 2 times in a row at a friend’s house and loved it. Over the past few days I’ve been letting the music wash over me again…it’s a perfect soundtrack for the rain. The music is haunting, sad, and calming, but somehow almost catchy at the same time.

Lykke Li

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Song Of The Day

Lykke Li – “Silent My Song”

It’s so nice when Sunday can truly be a day of rest. And yesterday was one of those Sundays. My friend, J and I relaxed all day between an awesome yoga class and the Patriots game.  Music from Lykke Li was our soundtrack for a big chunk of the day…and it’s dreamlike vibe was extremely perfect. Her latest album, Wounded Rhymes, sounds amazing. This track stood out to me the most:

Lykke Li

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