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COVER: Lucy Wainwright Roche

“Call Your Girlfriend” [by Robyn]

The new album from Lucy Wainwright Roche is absolutely killer. Hidden amidst her gorgeous original tunes is this rendition of “Call Your Girlfriend” by Swedish electro-pop artist Robyn. The song is incredibly powerful in its simplicity. You don’t normally hear such straightforward lyrics stemming from a scandalous love triangle –

“Call your girlfriend, it’s time you had the talk… give your reasons, say it’s not her fault but you just met somebody new. Tell her not to get upset second guessing everything you said and done. And then when she gets upset tell her that you never meant to hurt no one. And you tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again. And it won’t make sense right now, but you’re still her friend. And then you let her down easy.”

Lucy Wainwright Roche strips the song down and does it bare bones…adding in a chorus of voices midway that give me chills! I really love the original version of the song too…

The original song:

Lucy Wainwright Roche


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LYRICS: Lucy Wainwright Roche

“Seek and Hide” [featuring Colin Meloy]

Years ago, I saw Lucy Wainwright Roche perform live and I remember being floored by her gorgeous voice and incredibly powerful lyrics. So I wasn’t surprised the other day when I was instantly grabbed by her new single.

On this track, her vocals soar, and harmonies from Colin Meloy of the Decemberists fit perfectly. I find the words to be so beautiful and the feelings beneath them, so universal:

“I fell in love last year
It’s not a thing I do a lot
Pack up all my lonely habits
And give it all I got

And when the winter came
I thought I would be different but I’m not
I’m just the same old sorry kettle
Calling blackest pot

You gotta watch it all change
You gotta watch it all stay the same”

Lucy Wainwright Roche


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