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SONG: Feist

“How Come You Never Go There” [LIVE]

Tonight. Tonight I see Feist live for the first time and I can barely contain my excitement! Her latest album, Metals, has been a large part of my musical world since it came out and I cannot wait to see how she performs these new tunes in a live setting. There are so many layers, intricate sounds, and delicate moments of silence in many of the tracks…and when I watch live videos like the one below, I have a feeling Feist has made it a priority to really nail the live arrangements. I’ll let you know how it is, and also fill you in on Timber Timbre, her opener. Posts about my experience seeing The Shins and Real Estate coming soon too!

TONIGHT at the House Of Blues, Boston

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Cayamo: Song Of The Day

John Hiatt – “Cry Love” [LIVE]

I can’t really fully explain why I feel this way, but I cannot stop thinking about the fact that I’m going to see John Hiatt perform this song live. There’s something about this song that gets to me…in the best way. And when I watch a live rendition of it (like the one below), I always get goosebumps. I feel like it’ll be a magical moment when he performs it on the ship…I sense that I’ll be smiling from ear to ear or maybe even tearing up. It’s sure to be one of many moving moments to come!

John Hiatt

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Song Of The Day

Marc Broussard – “Home” [LIVE]

I’ve always loved this song from Marc Broussard and tonight I stumbled across this live, stripped down version. Holy crap! This is probably the best I’ve heard the tune sound, with just two guitars and two voices. Marc Broussard must have had some sort of spark within him during this recording session, because he absolutely kills it! Based on his facial expressions in the video, I’m pretty sure even Broussard’s guitar player is blown away by this vocal performance. Check it out:

Marc Broussard

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mvyradio ARCHIVES

Mavis Staples @ Newport Folk Festival 2009

We featured this stellar performance for our mvy LIVE tonight… and after listening again, I’m reminded how much personality and emotion Mavis Staples brings to the stage. You can feel the energy when you listen to this one. She kills it!


…and you can download it for free!

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Daytrotter: The Budos Band

On Friday, Daytrotter posted this live session with The Budos Band. I saw it, and knew I’d go back and check it out this weekend… I pictured myself plugging my iPhone with the Daytrotter app into my speakers as I got ready for an evening out. Well, I did just that and the music was perfection! These guys are just SO fun, SO funky, SO rocking, all at once.


The Budos Band

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Daytrotter: Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll has a fun, carefree quality about his music. He throws his voice around a bit, but it works SO well. I also always appreciate when an artist can take a serious topic and bring a lightness to it with the music like he does with “KMAG YOYO”. The four-song session Carll recently did with his band for Daytrotter is solid… check it out!


Hayes Carll

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LIVE: Ray LaMontagne

Last night I saw Ray LaMontagne and David Gray at the Bank Of America Pavilion in Boston and it was an incredible show! Both sets were so amazing and so different. It was a wonderful pairing and I was so thrilled to be there for it.

As I suspected, Ray LaMontange played first. I thought it made sense with his more subdued sound. I was immediately impressed by his band, The Pariah Dogs. I read in a review of the new album, God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise,  that LaMontagne’s voice upstages the band, but I’d have to disagree. With such a unique and engaging voice, you want a band that will compliment the vocals without drawing any attention away from them… and that’s just what this band does. The four Pariah Dogs were clearly seasoned musicians and they helped the music come alive up there on stage.

LaMontagne’s set consisted of 13 songs (including the encore) and by my count, 8 of those songs were off the new album. I was surprised by that, but not disappointed. He also played 3 tunes off 2008’s Gossip In the Grain – “Let It Be Me”, “You are the Best Thing”, and “Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s a Shame)”. “Trouble” was a huge crowd pleaser towards the beginning of the set, as was the encore – “Shelter”. I was excited to hear the new material live after listening and loving the album and it did not disappoint. In fact, some songs had a new life to them that made me appreciate the new album even more.

Ray LaMontagne performs again with David Gray at the Pavilion tonight… and you can STREAM THE SHOW LIVE on UStream!


Ray LaMontagne

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