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Album Of The Week

Lisa Hannigan – Passenger

This is mvyradio’s Album Of The Week, so tune in at 9pm to hear the whole thing from start to finish!

I’ve been listening to this album for some time now, and I still usually skip the first two tracks. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but what lies ahead (specifically tracks 3 through 7) is so special. The single “Knots” has long been a favorite of mine, with it’s lush instrumentation and building energy (and the video *below* is incredibly charming). The upbeat, fun mood that has been set continues with “What’ll I Do”, which is the ultimate sing along. The words could not be more sweet – “what’ll I do without you around, my words won’t pun, my pennies won’t pound, oh and my frisbee flies to the ground, what’ll I do without you.”

Midway through the album, Ray LaMontagne joins Hannigan for “O Sleep”, which slows things down and gets you prepared for “Paper House” *listen below*. There’s something about this song that just pierces right through me. There’s a sort of pulse musically…and her vocals just soar. Then the strings come in and take my breath away. “Little Bird” is nearly just as stunning, with it’s simple instrumentation and powerful lyrics – “when the time comes, and rights have been read, I think of you often but for once I meant what I said.” It was fitting to shoot a powerful yet simple video for this song, with Hannigan mouthing the words while submerged in water *video below*.

The last 3 tracks are just as thoughtful and gorgeous, with a touch of humor thrown in on “Safe Travels (Don’t Die)”. Passenger ends beautifully and quietly, and I think it leaves you feeling a closeness with the artist herself. I know I’ve been spreading the word about Lisa Hannigan since the first time I listened.


“Paper House”

“Little Bird”

Lisa Hannigan


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Best Of ’11: Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan – Passenger

This is a gorgeous album that I can really get wrapped up in. There are songs on here that make you stay in your car even when you’re running late, just to hear them to the end. I particularly love “Knots”, “What’ll I Do”, “Paper House” and “Little Bird”. Lisa Hannigan has a knack for constructing a song that’ll make you smile and take your breath away all at once. She’s a true artist…and her music videos really showcase that too.

Lisa Hannigan

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Song Of The Day

Lisa Hannigan – “Knots”

Love love love this song and video. I can’t wait to really dive into Lisa Hannigan’s new album, Passenger. If her voice sounds familiar to you, maybe you’ve listened to Damien Rice. She used to sing with him and now she’s gone solo. This is her second solo album.

Lisa Hannigan

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