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SONG: Kings Of Convenience

“Peacetime Resistance”

Sometimes the iTunes SHUFFLE feature is just what you need to shake up your music listening experience. Today this track randomly came on and reminded me how much I love the Norwegian duo Kings Of Convenience. For fans of Andrew Bird or Simon & Garfunkel.

Kings Of Convenience


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Lyric Of The Week

Kings Of Convenience – “24-25”

It’s a sunny, cold day and I’m riding to Fairfield, CT in my friend’s car. I popped in the latest Kings Of Convenience album, Declaration of Dependence, and I’m really struck by a lot of the lyrics. The first track, “24-25” is still my favorite… and it’s pretty ironic that I’ll be turning 25 at the end of the month.

“What we built is bigger than the sum of two.
But somewhere I lost count of my own.
And somehow I must find it alone.
24 and blooming like the fields of May.
25 and yearning for a ticket out.”

Kings Of Convenience

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NEW Music: Kings Of Convenience

Whoa. I was just absolutely floored by the new Kings Of Convenience album. After waiting 5 years for new material, I was SO excited to hear that we had Declaration Of Dependence at the station…and I really had no idea JUST how much I would love it. From the first notes of the first track, the duo had me sucked in. There is so much to love here…the light, carefully placed instrumentation, the simple but beautiful melodies, and the quiet, feel-good vibe. It may be too soon to say…I have a lot more listening to do, but this very well could be one of my favorite albums of the year so far.  You can listen to every track on their MySpace page…click here.

Here’s the video for the single “Boat Behind”:

Kings Of Convenience

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