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LOCAL: Lezlie

This weekend, a rare opportunity arose here on the island. One of the theaters became available to a friend of mine, free of charge. A theater group had cancelled their shows at the Katherine Cornell Theater and knew that (musician, photographer and producer-extraordinaire) Anthony Esposito could put together some great live music instead. And he did! Last night we were treated to several talented island singer/songwriters, capped off by Anthony’s band. Tonight, there’s another solid lineup, including Boaz & Shelagh, Good Night Louise, The Hammerheads and Lezlie. Best part – it’s FREE! Doors at 8pm.


Andrew Valenti & Leslie Schott make up this duo, and they’ve got a new album out called Intermittent Waves of Unusual Size and Force that you can DOWNLOAD HERE for FREE. The two of them play everything you hear on these tracks. They also wrote and recorded the songs themselves (and the mastering was done by Anthony). Check out the single, “Volcanoes”:

Volcanoes from Mothergirl Films on Vimeo.




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