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LYRICS: John Hiatt

“Blues Can’t Even Find Me”

I love this tune from John Hiatt’s latest album and the more I listen to the words, the more I appreciate what he’s saying. There’s this technology theme that runs throughout the song, a commentary on how it has affected us, or maybe just how it has affected him. I think it’s something that’s really important to acknowledge and think about (as I type this blog post ;)

“World is closin’ in on me
Don’t know what to do
Can’t see the big picture anymore
If there’s even one to view

Wife keeps pushin’ buttons
Spend all day starin’ at a little screen

I’m feelin’ invisible
The blues can’t even find me…

She cried all the way to Memphis
With the kids in back
And only me to talk it out with
Used to be like that

Now there’s fifty people in the car
And the kids are grown
And I’ve heard her side fifty times
Talkin’ on her cell phone

Now we’re just so lonely
And there’s no turnin’ back
It’s virtually impossible
But I can live with that”

John Hiatt


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SONG: Dave Matthews Band


I’m really diggin this new single from DMB. The first minute or so reminds me quite a bit of John Hiatt’s “Have A Little Faith In Me” but there’s enough of a freshness to it to keep me interested. DMB’s new album, Away From The World, will be out in September.

Dave Matthews Band

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Cayamo: John Hiatt

I was so glad I got the opportunity to see John Hiatt on Cayamo. I haven’t explored too much of his music, but what I have heard, I’ve really liked. Seeing him live just further proved what an amazing songwriter he is. To me, his songs seem to be from elsewhere…and they’ve just come through him and onto the page. You hear a lot of writers talk about that, saying that the songs just come to them, or the words are already there and they just uncover them. I feel like John Hiatt is a prime example of that. I was really drawn in to his storytelling and also very struck by what a nice guy he seems to be. He’d gladly take requests from the crowd and he even learned a new tune for a couple’s anniversary. I was glad to hear some familiar songs like “Drive South”, “Cry Love”, “Perfectly Good Guitar”, “Have a Little Faith in Me”, and “The Open Road”.

John Hiatt

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Cayamo: Song Of The Day

John Hiatt – “Cry Love” [LIVE]

I can’t really fully explain why I feel this way, but I cannot stop thinking about the fact that I’m going to see John Hiatt perform this song live. There’s something about this song that gets to me…in the best way. And when I watch a live rendition of it (like the one below), I always get goosebumps. I feel like it’ll be a magical moment when he performs it on the ship…I sense that I’ll be smiling from ear to ear or maybe even tearing up. It’s sure to be one of many moving moments to come!

John Hiatt

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Cayamo 2012

It’s hard for me to even believe I’ll be on another music cruise Sunday…I guess that’s why I’ve yet to blog about it! Is it real?! It is…

7 days of some of the greatest folk music I could ever ask for is ahead of me. These are just a few of the artists performing…the acts I’m most excited to see:

Lyle Lovett
John Hiatt
John Prine
Loudon Wainwright III
Keb’ Mo’
Greg Brown
Richard Thompson
Lucinda Williams
The Civil Wars
The Belle Brigade
Sarah Jaffe

I’m VERY interested to see how this cruise compares to Jam Cruise. I have a feeling it could be a mighty bit different. We’ll be sitting and listening to the words of these tunes…and the stories from these amazing songwriters. The performances end not too long after midnight, and maybe I’m wrong but I think I may actually get some sleep!

Just 3 days till another musical adventure on the open water…I’ll be blogging as much as I can, so ‘stay tuned’!

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