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Cayamo: Joe Purdy

The few songs I had heard from Joe Purdy prior to the cruise were a bit poppy, but still quite lovely. I was looking forward to hearing more and I was happily surprised at how much I enjoyed his performances. His music is quiet, tender, thoughtful and personal. He sings with raw emotion – like he really feels it and means it. I was really impressed by his lyrics…I left both of the two performances I saw with a line or two in my head. Lines like, “I know that I love the rain the most when it stops” and “I’m gonna catch me a goldfish today, I’m gonna catch me some quiet today.

A few people I met on the cruise mentioned that in the folk world, there tends to be a lot of sadness…folk songs can be depressing! So it seemed any sort of happier, upbeat music throughout the week was always very welcomed. What I found really nice about Joe Purdy was that despite any somber topics in his songs, there seemed to be a hopeful, uplifting positivity underneath. His music feels like sunshine after the rain…he was one of my favorite new discoveries on Cayamo.

Joe Purdy

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Cayamo: Song(s) Of The Day

While there¬†will be plenty of singer-songwriters with years and years of experience under their belt on Cayamo, there are also some newer artists that I’m thrilled to check out. I’ve blogged about all four of these songs before and I’ll be psyched to see/hear them performed live!

The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow”

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

Sarah Jaffe – “Clementine”

Joe Purdy – “Can’t Get It Right Today”


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Song Of The Day

Joe Purdy – “Can’t Get It Right Today”

A friend played this tune for me today and I loved it! I guess it’s in a car commercial although I haven’t seen it…it’s got a lovely feeling about it and it gets me psyched to hear more from Joe Purdy. This singer/songwriter from Arkansas has apparently been at it for years. It’s nice to see him getting some well deserved attention.

Joe Purdy

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