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LIVE: Ben Howard

“Only Love”

Last night, Ben Howard and his band totally killed it on Jimmy Kimmel. This guy has such a unique voice and it really shines during this performance. The tune shows nice range too, starting and ending slowly and softly, but also getting a bit rockin’ towards the end.

Ben Howard


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Song Of The Day

Adele – “Someone Like You”

I’ve been diving into the new Adele album and this tune never fails to give me goosebumps. She performed it last night on Jimmy Kimmel and I think it’s even more incredible to see/hear her in a live setting. Almost seems unreal how amazing her voice is. But there she is… singing those notes. It’s for real! Can’t wait until I’m in the room instead of watching a video!


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Song Of The Day

Young the Giant – “My Body”

On the bottom of my “to-do” list, I’ve written down a bunch of artists and bands that people recommend to me. I check a few out once and a while, and I never take them off the list, just in case I go back with a different mindset and feel differently about them. These 5 guys out of California got my attention right away with, “My Body”. There’s a catchiness to this tune, but it’s also got heavier elements of rock to it… they remind me a little of The Strokes and also of another up and coming California band I love – The Local Natives. Young the Giant’s self titled debut album just came Tuesday; here they are performing “My Body” live on Jimmy Kimmel:

Young the Giant

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