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COVER: Bonnie Raitt & David Lindley

“Everywhere I Go”

This is a track from this year’s new Jackson Browne tribute album Looking Into You. 23 artists cover Jackson Browne tunes on this two disc release, and I’ve gotta say – it’s an awesome tribute. There are so many solid tracks but this one is probably my favorite. It’s got such a light and lovely feel to it, and I find myself singing it my head alllll the time:

Bonnie Raitt
David Lindley

Looking Into You



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SONG: Dawes

“Fire Away”

Last night on the mvyradio Hot Seat, I focused on contemporary artists and the musicians who have inspired their sound. When it came time to show how the band Dawes has been inspired by Jackson Browne, it seemed fitting to play a song that features Browne on backing vocals. I feel like this track can get lost on the Dawes album, Nothing Is Wrong, but I was reminded of just how good it is when I revisited it. It’s lengthy, but if you can listen until the end, it just keeps getting better and better.


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Lyric Of The Week

Jackson Browne – “You Know The Night”

This tune is off of the Note Of Hope album, which is a celebration of Woody Guthrie. I had listened to the song so many times before I actually heard this lyric, but when I did, I certainly was struck by it. No surprise, these are Woody Guthrie’s lyrics…he’s got such an amazing way with words.

“I just felt like you feel
when you feel like
the angels are curling your hair
and you feel like
the devil is scratching your heel”

Note Of Hope

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