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LOCAL: Tall Heights

The Running Of the Bulls [EP]

Tim Harrington and Paul Wright are Boston’s Tall Heights. The two have a connection musically that can’t often be found and that connection is evident within the first few minutes of witnessing their live performance. The 4 tracks on their new EP (out today!) certainly display their talent and unique sound. These songs are available exclusively through Bandcamp – www.tallheights.bandcamp.com

My favorite track by far is “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know” – which really shows the dynamics this duo creates with just a cello, guitar and two beautifully harmonized voices. If you’re impressed in the slightest by these tracks, I urge you to seek out a live performance. Keep Tall Heights on your radar and catch a show when they come your way – you’ll leave with a new favorite up and coming act.

Tall Heights – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know from Tall Heights on Vimeo.

Tall Heights

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Song Of The Day

The Staves – “Mexico”

I just heard about these ladies through the grapevine. I get extremely excited when a friend recommends AWESOME music that’s been recommended by their friend (and so on)… passing on the good word about music is my favorite. It’s like spreading love! If I can share a beautiful song like this with one person who gets goosebumps (like I did), then I’m psyched! Enjoy…

The Staves

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LIVE: The Weepies

*photo by Jess Phaneuf

A few nights ago, I saw The Weepies live in Boston, at the Wilbur Theatre. I’ve been a big fan of this husband/wife duo for a while now, but had never seen either Deb Talan or Steve Tannen live ever before. It was billed as an “acoustic evening” and the two were joined by Johnny Flower on bass. The trio delighted us with stripped down arrangements of songs from all four of The Weepies’ studio albums, plus a song or two from both Talan and Tannen’s solo releases.

I had a feeling I’d be moved throughout the evening…and I was right. In fact, I was moved to tears twice by the lyrics and harmonies. The Weepies have some of the most beautiful and heartfelt words in their songs – words that everyone can really connect with and relate to. Hearing some of their songs in a really small theater, with just three instruments and two voices really made them even more effective. I felt pulled in from start to finish, and I’m still thinking about that night and some of those lyrics that really struck a chord with me…I’ll be sharing some of them on here within the next few days.

The Weepies

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