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SONG: Gotye

“I Feel Better”

Sure, people will call Gotye a one hit wonder, but is seems to me he’s actually a hardworking, experimental pop musician who happened to have a smash hit. His (3rd) album, Making Mirrors shows an incredible amount of range and it’s Gotye himself (Wouter (Wally) De Backer is his given name) crafting these tunes and producing them. I’m sure you’ve heard “Somebody That I Used To Know”…well compare it to this tune below that’s off the same album. If it intrigues you. listen to more from Making Mirrors tonight at 9PM on mvyradio.



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SONG: Kimbra

“Good Intent”

Thanks to Gotye, Kimbra has become a familiar name to many people, and as her re-worked debut album is released here in the states tomorrow, I can bet a lot of people will be checking it out. There’s A LOT of sound on Vows, and a lot of variety between tracks too. This is one of the tunes I really dig from the album, and in true Kimbra fashion, it has a killer video to accompany it:


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SONG: Gotye

“Hearts A Mess”

Tonight on the Hot Seat I featured some artists that have recently been added into the mix at mvyradio… and I explored some deeper cuts or older songs from those artists. How much Gotye have you heard? I love “Somebody That I Used To Know” just as much as the next guy, but I always think it’s nice to hear more from an artist whose single grabs you. Here’s another great tune from Gotye:


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Song Of The Day

Gotye feat. Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Every so often there’s an artist or song that you hear about everywhere you turn, from all sorts of different sources. In my experience, when you finally click the link and check it out for yourself, it’s almost always a letdown. But this is one of those songs that definitely lives up to its hype. The tune has sparse yet captivating instrumentation and lyrics that I think we can all relate to. It’s got a very contemporary feel, but Gotye has a voice that’s reminiscent of Peter Gabriel or Sting…and I think that’s a big part of why his sound appeals to lots of different listeners. This is a gorgeous video too!


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