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Best Of ’10: Local Natives

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

There’s so much music out there and I’m mostly excited by that fact, but occasionally I have moments where I get bummed that I’ll always be missing out on so much good stuff. Ultimately, I’m just thankful for the amazing music that my friends, family, co-workers, and the internet have all pointed me towards. I could have easily overlooked this band, but I’m so glad they were highly recommended to me. Gorilla Manor is so gorgeous throughout, with unique compositions and soaring harmonies. Local Natives have won me over with their debut album, and they’re probably my favorite new band out there… well… that I’ve heard :)

Favorite tracks: “Airplanes”, “World News”, “Who Knows, Who Cares”

Check it out if you like:

Local Natives
Gorilla Manor

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