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Lyric Of The Week

Ray LaMontagne – “Like Rock & Roll and Radio”

I liked this song a lot when I first listened to Ray LaMontagne’s new (and fantastic) album, God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise, but the lyrics really hit me over the head when I saw LaMontagne live. It’s such a powerful tune about a relationship changing… it seems so painful and I can actually feel it. Then he throws in a few comparisons that totally get my mind going in other directions. It’s a really well-crafted tune:

“Are you still in love with me, like the way you used to be
Or is it changing?
Does it deepen over time, like the River that is winding
Through the Canyon?…

Are we strangers now”
Like the Ziegfeld Gal and the Vaudeville show?

Are we strangers now?
Like Rock and Roll and the Radio?
Like Rock and Roll and Radio…”

Ray LaMontange

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LIVE: Ray LaMontagne

Last night I saw Ray LaMontagne and David Gray at the Bank Of America Pavilion in Boston and it was an incredible show! Both sets were so amazing and so different. It was a wonderful pairing and I was so thrilled to be there for it.

As I suspected, Ray LaMontange played first. I thought it made sense with his more subdued sound. I was immediately impressed by his band, The Pariah Dogs. I read in a review of the new album, God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise,  that LaMontagne’s voice upstages the band, but I’d have to disagree. With such a unique and engaging voice, you want a band that will compliment the vocals without drawing any attention away from them… and that’s just what this band does. The four Pariah Dogs were clearly seasoned musicians and they helped the music come alive up there on stage.

LaMontagne’s set consisted of 13 songs (including the encore) and by my count, 8 of those songs were off the new album. I was surprised by that, but not disappointed. He also played 3 tunes off 2008’s Gossip In the Grain – “Let It Be Me”, “You are the Best Thing”, and “Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s a Shame)”. “Trouble” was a huge crowd pleaser towards the beginning of the set, as was the encore – “Shelter”. I was excited to hear the new material live after listening and loving the album and it did not disappoint. In fact, some songs had a new life to them that made me appreciate the new album even more.

Ray LaMontagne performs again with David Gray at the Pavilion tonight… and you can STREAM THE SHOW LIVE on UStream!


Ray LaMontagne

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Song(s) Of The Day

Ray LaMontagne – “Beg Steal or Borrow”
David Gray – “A Moment Changes Everything”

NEW TRACKS from Ray LaMontagne and David Gray! LaMontagne’s forthcoming album, God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise, will hits stores August 17th…as will David Gray’s new 2 disc release, Foundling. I’m psyched to get new albums from these artists so soon! I hear they both wanted to release new material for their tour together this summer… hence the ‘all of a sudden’ singles. Here’s the Ray LaMontagne single:

And the David Gray single:

You can still get tickets to either Boston show (featuring both of these amazing artists!!), on August 17th or 18th at the Bank Of America Pavilion.

Ray LaMontgane
David Gray


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