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Song Of The Day

Girlyman – “Supernova” [LIVE]

Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing Girlyman live in concert for my second time. Since I last saw them, one of the band members was diagnosed with Leukemia and the future of the band was pretty uncertain. I’m so happy to say that since then, she’s made a full recovery. About two months ago, they announced she was in remission. In this video, she talks a bit about her diagnosis, and they perform a new tune…the title track of their new album that’s slated to come out sometime next year. I’m really psyched to hear some of their new material, and see the band perform with an undoubtedly renewed spirit.


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mvyradio ARCHIVES

I’m really psyched that the Girlyman show from the Narrows is up in the archives at mvyradio.com

CLICK HERE and scroll down to ‘G’ to listen. Read my review of the show HERE.

There are over 700 exclusive performances and interviews in the archives at mvyradio.com and they’re made possible by support from our listeners and Friends. If you’d like to become a friend and show your support for mvyradio.com, head to Friends Of mvyradio.org. This Spring Friends week we’re offering a bunch of special Thank You gifts… trips to the Cape and the Vineyard, tickets to Tom Petty and Norah Jones, and more!

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LIVE: Girlyman

I’m back from a glorious vacation and feeling wonderful. The night before I left for the trip, I went to see Girlyman at the Narrows Center For the Arts in Fall River, MA. It was truly one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever attended. My whole family came with me to the show and the five of us sat right up front… arriving JUST before the group came onstage (in our typical rushed fashion). Thank goodness we didn’t miss a note because their first song was one of our favorites – “Easy Bake Ovens”. 

Throughout the show, I kept looking back at my sister, then over to my Dad, and then back to the stage shaking my head in disbelief. My family was just as blown away as I was. Girlyman puts on an unbelievable live show. The Atlanta-based trio is Ty Greenstein, Nate Borofsky, and Doris Muramatsu. Together they create some of the most beautiful harmonies I’ve ever heard. Their thin instrumentation was recently filled out a bit by the addition of a fourth member – drummer JJ Jones. The four were able to quietly awe us and then bring it up a notch to wow us. I loved the bigger sound.

The show was a perfect mix of new and old tunes. Aside from the goosebump-inducing harmonies, I was most impressed by the passion with which every member performed. It was almost as if they could emotionally place themselves back where they were when they first wrote each song. Maybe it was the 157th time they sang it, but it felt like the first.

If you like folk music, enjoy harmonies, or just appreciate intimate performances, I strongly suggest you check out Girlyman live. You will not be disappointed.


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Lyric Of The Week

Girlyman – “Easy Bake Ovens”

I’m getting extremely excited to see Girlyman at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River next Saturday. I got tickets for my whole family and I know they’ll be blown away just like I was when I saw this amazing trio live last summer. This trio out of Atlanta, Georgia has UNREAL harmonies. As I anticipate the show, I’ve been listening to their latest album more and more… and the song “Easy Bake Ovens” never ceases to amaze me. Its words paint a very clear picture of a young person growing up in the 70’s. Here are my favorite lines from the tune:

“Riding bikes before I learned about brakes
Around and around those cul-de-sac lanes
The teens rolling by in their giant green cars
Driving like rain, they were kissing like stars…”

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Best Of ’09: Girlyman

Girlyman – Everything’s Easy

Girlyman is one of those bands I want to tell everyone about. I had only heard their name a few times when I saw them live at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this past summer. I had no idea what kind of music to expect from a band called Girlyman. In fact, I think folk was the last genre I would have guessed! Well folk is what they are…folk with mindblowing harmonies. They blew me away at Falcon Ridge and I think this album really does them justice. Everything’s Easy is a collection of songs that show off this group’s incredible story-telling abilities. The first track, “Easy Bake Ovens” gives you a great representation of the GORGEOUS three-part harmonies that are so striking throughout the record. Check out that tune, and others from the album on their MySpace page.

This Atlanta-based trio has not (yet) gotten the recognition I think they deserve. They will be definitely be high on my list of favorites this year.

Everything’s Easy

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