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NEW Music: David Gray

Draw the line
David Gray’s new album, Draw The Line, might be his most solid work since White Ladder. After hearing the single, “Fugitive” I was very excited to get the entire album onto my iPod, where I’d have some quality alone time with it. I did just that this past weekend, listening from start to finish about 3 times. I wasn’t disappointed…and the new material was definitely worth the four-year wait. What I love most about these tunes is that they have such depth. When I listened for the 3rd time, it was like I was listening for the first time…hearing something I didn’t hear before.

Draw The Line features guest vocalists Jolie Holland and Annie Lennox. My favorite tracks include “Nemesis”, “Jackdaw”, and “First Chance”. The album’s title track has a haunting feel to it, with a hypnotizing melody. Overall the record has a darker tone, but there are definitely a few lighter, more uplifting tracks.

“Fugitive” still might be my absolute favorite…with a driving guitar and a  gospel choir adding to the full, rich sound. Here’s the official music video:

Ultimately, David Gray has created an album that is new yet familiar. The lyrics are deep but accessible. The instrumentation is woven together to create some really beautiful material. If you’ve like what you’ve heard from David Gray in the past, I think you’ll like Draw The Line.

David Gray

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