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SONG: Half Moon Run

“Full Circle”

We just started playing this Canadian band on mvy. They have a sound comparable to Local Natives or Fleet Foxes…

Half Moon Run

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My Favorite Albums Of 2011

1. (TIE)  Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues / Feist – Metals
I’ve mulled over this for a long time and there’s simply NO WAY for me to choose one of these albums over the other. In my opinion, these two stand far apart from the rest. Early in the year, I was blown away by Helplessness Blues, an album that really resonated with ME in this year of my life. Then, in October, Metals came out and I wasn’t really sure what to make of it at first. But the more I listened, the more it felt like my eyes were opening to a universally brilliant piece of art. I guess I could say that Helplessness Blues might be my FAVORITE of the year, while Metals is the BEST.

3. Paul Simon – So Beautiful Or So What

4. Adele – 21

5. The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

6. The Decemberists – The King Is Dead

7. Tedeschi Trucks Band – Revelator

8. Lisa Hannigan – Passenger

9. Wilco – The Whole Love

10. Amos Lee – Mission Bell

11. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes
12. Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong
13. Beirut – The Rip Tide
14. Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know
15. Middle Brother – Middle Brother
16. The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart
17. Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials
18. Alex Ebert – Alexander
19. St. Vincent – Strange Mercy
20. My Morning Jacket – Circuital
21. The Strokes – Angles
22. Peter Bjorn & John – Gimme Some
23. Robbie Robertson – How To Become Clairvoyant
24. Chris Thile & Michael Daves – Sleep With One Eye Open
25. Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

Happy New Year!


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Best Of ’11: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

This year, Helplessness Blues grabbed hold of me and never really let go. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an album quite so many times without growing tired of it. These songs are filled with moments that make my heart swell, give me goosebumps, and take my breath away. There’s only one other album I’ve heard this year that comes close to the beauty of this one…I’ve yet to decide which will be my top choice…

Fleet Foxes

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NEW Music: Feist

Feist – Metals

Every so often a piece of art will touch you very deeply…it’ll have an affect on you that you can’t even accurately explain in words. That’s how I feel about this album. I’ll attempt to explain.

Leslie Feist took a full year off before she began to write Metals. She said she wanted to learn how to be quiet and discover that “silence isn’t aggressive”, and that concept certainly shows through in these 12 tracks. There’s a depth to the sound that’s simply stunning…and yet under the layers of carefully constructed piano, guitars, drums, strings, horns, and harmonies, lies a still and utter silence. It’s most prominent in tracks like “Graveyard”, “Caught A Long Wind”, “Anti-Pioneer” and “Cicadas And Gulls”.

While a lot of the tunes have strength in their lovely, quiet power, there are louder and stronger moments too. “The Bad In Each Other” is a perfect start to the album, with it’s heavy drum beats and blasting horns. Halfway through the album, “The Commotion” really amps up the energy, and later, “Undiscovered First” also nails you with its power.

“The Circle Married The Line”, “Bittersweet Melodies”, and “Comfort Me” are my favorites for now…their words and vocal harmonies are incredibly moving. “Comfort Me” especially grabs you with it’s sudden choir of voices about 2 minutes in.

This is the type of album where the arrangements are the first to sink in, and the lyrics come after. In certain cases, the words are inaudible, but the full, lush sound of the song is what really soars – Feist’s voice is just another instrument added in to the glorious mix. There’s something to say about listening to this album outdoors. I feel that the change of seasons is really embraced by these sounds.

If you read this blog or know me at all, you know how I feel about the Fleet Foxes album, Helplessness Blues…it’s safe to say I never thought any album this year could move me the way that one did (does). I’m so happy I gave Metals the time and attention I did, because it has moved me in ways I never anticipated. It fills me with light…and strangely, hope.


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Lyric Of The Week

Fleet Foxes – “Grown Ocean”

There’s nothing more I can really say to express my love for this band and their latest album. I can’t stop listening, and the more I do, the more amazing words I hear. I’ve been having some vivid dreams lately, and that makes me think about these words…

“In that dream I’m as old as the mountains
Still is starlight reflected in fountains
Children grown on the edge of the ocean
Kept like jewelry kept with devotion

In that dream moving slow through the morning

You would come to me then without answers
Lick my wounds and remove my demands for now
Eucalyptus and orange trees are blooming
In that dream there’s no darkness alluded

In that dream moving slow through the morning time

In that dream I could hardly contain it
All my life I will wait to attain it
There, there, there

I know someday the smoke will all burn off
All these voices I’ll someday have turned off
I will see you someday when I’ve woken
I’ll be so happy just to have spoken
I’ll have so much to tell you about it…”

Fleet Foxes

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Lyric Of The Week

Fleet Foxes – “The Plains/Bitter Dancer”

The Fleet Foxes album is still my favorite of the year, and I cannot stop listening to it. Robin Pecknold’s words just kill me. I realized the other day that he’s 25 years old (as am I) and a lot of his lyrics resonate with me at this time in my life. A few tunes on Helplessness Blues are two songs in one, and the way those particular tracks move and change is just captivating. Especially “The Plains/Bitter Dancer” which changes so dramatically and beautifully right as the most climactic lyric is first sung…

“At arm’s length…I will hold you there.”

Fleet Foxes

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LIVE: Fleet Foxes

Tuesday night, I found myself at the Orpheum in Boston with my father by my side. The two of us were shaking our heads and staring at the stage in disbelief…not of what we were seeing, but of what we were hearing. I’ve been listening to Helplessness Blues, the new album from Seattle’s Fleet Foxes, nonstop these days. I’ve talked to many who find it to contain some of the most beautiful music they’ve heard in years, but also to others who feel that the recording’s vocal effects leave them unimpressed. For those who aren’t quite sold on the sound of this band’s recorded material, I think seeing them perform live just once would make them a believer.

The vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation coming from the stage that night were mind-blowing. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The crowd went CRAZY between each and every song. Lead singer Robin Pecknold would humbly mumble, “Wow you guys, thank you…thank you so much” to quiet us down.

It was really a miracle I made it to the show, after my flight into Boston was delayed for three hours! Despite arriving late, I got the chance to hear some of my favorite tracks off the new record – “Lorelai”, “Montezuma”, “The Shrine/An Argument” and of course, title track “Helplessness Blues”. One of the highlights of the show for me was Pecknold’s soaring vocals on “Oliver James”. Sadly I’ve gathered that I missed “White Winter Hymnal”, “Mykonos”, “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” and my favorite tune from Helplessness Blues – “Bedouin Dress”. But I was just thrilled to have experienced the beauty of this music at such a small venue…I have a sneaking suspicion that Fleet Foxes will be playing much bigger rooms very soon…

Fleet Foxes

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