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SONG: John Beninghof

“Float Sink or Swim”

This tune is sure to be in heavy rotation for me as the weather warms…it’s got that perfect summer vibe, a video that somehow captures every wonderful memory of summertime on the Cape, and it’s all topped with a feel-good message of positivity – “Long as we’re living, we gotta do our best to love this life we’re given…”

John Beninghof

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Lyric Of The Week

311 – “Grassroots”

I think I’ve said before, this band will always have a special place in my heart and lately I’ve been revisiting their tunes while working out at the gym. Overall, their music is FUN… it gets me pumped up and dancing (or running, ha)… and occasionally their lyrics are pretty inspiring. FEEL GOOD MUSIC. That’s the bottom line. 

“Challenge comes and goes and there will be another
I say bring it on
The roots that grow underground are as big as the tree
That you see if not it will fall down”


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