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SONG: Charlie Mars

“Let The Meter Run”

Like everyone, I can occasionally be a sucker for a sweet, sappy, feel-good tune. Some days, it’s just what I need. Charlie Mars gives me that dose of sweetness today with his new single:

Charlie Mars


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SONG: Brett Dennen

“Comeback Kid”

Here’s another installment of – Let’s Ignore This Crappy Weather and Listen to HAPPY MUSIC.

I can’t tell you how many people called or wrote to ask about this song when we had it in heavy rotation at mvy. Then I’d put it on a mix for a friend and they’d say, “who does that underdog song?”

…it’s hard not to catch the happy from Brett Dennen on “Comeback Kid”:

Brett Dennen

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SONG: Regina Spektor

“Dance Anthem Of The 80’s”

I listened to a lot of Regina Spektor today, while I cleaned and sat in the sun. Her upbeat tunes are great for sunny, warm weather and this tune from her album Far is a great example of that feel-good vibe. Here’s a live version from her Live in London DVD:

Regina Spektor

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SONG: Dr. Dog


The band Dr. Dog  creates some of the most joyful sounding music I’ve heard. Even when they’re singing about being lonesome, there’s a bright happiness to the sound. Check out the hilarious music video for this song too…it’s fittingly playful and fun:

Dr. Dog

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