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SONG: Charlie Mars

“How I Roll”

I thought this was a pretty funny peek into the world of radio and FCC regulations. In an email from Jesse Barnett, who’s working this Charlie Mars single:

The original album version includes the line in the first verse, “I shouldn’t have smoked so much weed, I shouldn’t have done so much blow.” While there are no FCC issues there, some stations may take issue. The edits, therefore, should help you out. Edit #1 keeps “weed” but replaces “blow” with “oh-oh-oh.” After John Mayer kept asking “who says I can’t get stoned” and Showtime has a popular show called “Weeds,” this will probably suffice for most people. In case it doesn’t, edit #2 changes “weed” to “weeeeeeee” (no ‘d’) and changes “blow” to “oh-oh-oh.”

The dirty version:

Charlie Mars


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