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SONG: Regina Spektor

“Dance Anthem Of The 80’s”

I listened to a lot of Regina Spektor today, while I cleaned and sat in the sun. Her upbeat tunes are great for sunny, warm weather and this tune from her album Far is a great example of that feel-good vibe. Here’s a live version from her Live in London DVD:

Regina Spektor

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Lyric Of The Week

Regina Spektor – “Folding Chair”

In this fun, catchy tune from her latest album Far, Regina Spektor reminds us that the human body is really quite amazing and beautiful. Despite all sorts of pressure that society puts on men and women alike, we should remember that our bodies are miraculous… from our DNA codes, to the way our cells function, to the little things:

“I’ve got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget. I’ve got a perfect body, cause my eyelashes catch my sweat. Yes they do, they do…”

Regina Spektor

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Best Of ’09: Regina Spektor

Regina SpektorĀ – Far

After initially being turned off by this album’s single, “Laughing With”, I gave it another chance and checked out the rest. Boy am I glad I did! Tracks like “The Calculation”, “Folding Chair”, and “Wallet” won me over instantly. And I’ll admit, even the one tune I used to skip over, I now listen to once and a while. I think Regina Spektor has that perfect blend of expected and unexpected on this album. I also like feeling totally goofy and fun on one tune and introspective and quiet on the next. I almost overlooked it, but Far has definitely made an impression on me this year.

Regina Spektor


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