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Best Of ’11: Amos Lee

Amos Lee – Mission Bell

I have mixed feelings about this album…similar to the feelings I have for the Wilco album. I love Amos Lee’s music, especially his voice, and I really love the band Calexico, who back him on this album. I guess I had higher hopes for the collaboration, but there ARE some really great songs on here. I’d say half are extremely strong, especially “El Camino”, “Windows Rolled Down”, “Violin”, and “Flower”, which happen to be the first four tracks. Honestly those four almost carry the rest of the album for me. They’re that good.

Amos Lee


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Song Of The Day

The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

It’s always exciting when The Black Keys put something new out there and this is no exception. Not sure if this will be the official video for the song “Lonely Boy” but it’s hilarious and it certainly brightened up my Wednesday. The song is, of course, dynamite. Cannot wait to get the full length album, El Camino. It officially comes out December 6th. I sense this could be one of those late in the year, sneak attack albums that will become one of my favorite of 2011.

The Black Keys

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